Do you have a solid Customer Relation Management (CRM) solution working with your marketing for your business?

One key to having long lasting business is making sure your brand stays in constant customer-targeting-shutterstock_60965887contact with the public. Every customer you attract must stay your patron for as long as possible. Boom! Here is why you need to have a CRM in general for your business, but also one that works with your Marketing.  When a business comes to us and asks to make a campaign for them, a lot are too hung up on the upfront bottom line. We have seen it ourselves.  A business starts having a exemplary month with the promo, but then everything trickles down almost immediately after. Once the excitement of the great offer fades, the company (in hindsight) realizes the customers were a revolving door because nothing was put in place to stay in contact with them. For a big company it’s not such a big deal because they can drop a new million dollar campaign to pick up new or renewed traffic for the promo or even develop a new product.

That doesn’t work for the local small business. Whether you send a postcard or give them a phone call, you have to be adamant about following up with your customer from when they initially show up Love Customers Picand beyond. Having a CRM Solution or a Customer Relations Manager, like us, helps keeping the communication flowing and your service on all your prospect’s minds. Not just that, but it also keeps the right updated handling information on each type of client in your database for new promotions, cross promotions, or even clients you do not want to serve anymore.

The average person patrons the local business that they know. People in general want to do business with other people that they are familiar. The corner store that they get a sweet glazed donut every morning. The gourmet burger joint that they get lunch everyday. How many times have you jumped on to participate in a event that you saw a sign in your neighborhood hung by the local church saying ‘5k’ or ‘easter egg hunt’.   Having a system

Customers - Crowd Pic
We’re Ready for our next patronage with you!

that has an accurate profile and engagement log of your client database to which you can coordinate direct responses is, we think, the most important factor for sustainability of your business.

Any questions on what it will take to implement an effective CRM for your business or look over your current?

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