Having a website is one thing, making it known is another. Putting energy and resources into creating a website is in vain if there is no time and budget planned to promote it. Online or offline communication, SEO, viral marketing, etc., are all techniques accessible to all and allowing to generate a consistent and qualified traffic. Moreover, thanks to the purchase of keywords and tracking techniques, it is possible to maintain a targeted flow while controlling its budget. We provide several ideas to help you drive the right kind of traffic to your website without you having to pay for it.


There is a wide range of e-marketing tools that a small business can use to develop its online audience. One of the least expensive methods is email marketing. Although this method has existed for some time and social networks are more widely used today, prospect emailing can still prove very effective.

An effective email marketing campaign is much more than just sending a weekly or monthly newsletter. By creating an engaging email marketing campaign, you can get more email addresses, more traffic and more regular visits to your website. You will also strengthen the loyalty of your customers and attract new prospects via the leverage emailing. Existing subscribers will also share quality content with their friends and family leading to more leads for your website at little or no cost.


In order to generate the maximum traffic on your site, it is important to reference it on as many sites as possible: search engines, generalist directories, directories of specific sites and partner sites. To register on a directory, just make a request and provide a description of your site. To appear on partner sites, there are different possibilities: to exchange standard links (partnership) or to affiliate with other sites.

Affiliation allows merchant sites to increase their traffic by offering to a network of affiliated partner sites to promote their products or services through banners or text links. Depending on the case, affiliates are paid by a commission on sales, visits or business contacts generated by their links.


The SEO is generating targeted traffic. In this sense, the proper indexing of your site by the search engines is paramount. This is based on a complex alchemy and to optimize it, it is important to respect certain rules. First of all, know that the method of production and the hierarchy of the pages directly affect its indexing. To begin with, a good structure of contents will facilitate the navigation of your visitors but also of the search engines.

So, in order for search engines to reference you correctly, it is important to know the header of each page as well as your meta tags (keywords, description). Do not hesitate to include in these tags, the corresponding keywords to your page or article. It is also recommended to limit the number of frames when designing your site.


Have you ever wondered why some blogs or websites have only dozens of articles and they exceed the traffic of those that have hundreds and sometimes thousands of articles? The secret is that comments and customer engagement drive traffic today! The more your blog gets feedback, the more you can generate maximum traffic.

With more reviews, you can increase your Alexa ranking without posting any new article, your site will be more active and more referenced by the search engines! And I repeat once again that it’s Free Content! Put quality items, and once the comments and sharing starts, you can even go viral and pretty much double your traffic overnight.


We recommend you optimize search engine traffic and similar article traffic to your website or blog. We at T.R. Marketing & Management Group are experts at search engine optimization services, social media optimization and web traffic management. We can also help you manage your web campaigns and other services guaranteed to ensure that you have a successful website.

If you need any of these services done, simply contact us and we will provide you with a good plan and well-researched service that will be fashioned particularly to boost your business and helps your products gain recognition online.

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