Using social media the right way


We really love that graphic to lead into this article. It’s wonderfully imagery that sums up your everyday activity to market yourself effectively. Today, social media networks have become the essential place on the web. In fact, companies are constantly using these high-potential tools because they offer them a real proximity with their customers.

This article will allow you to better understand the benefits of staying active on your social networks.

Increased Visibility

Social networks are a real springboard to develop your visibility on the web and therefore your reputation. It is a way for you to get to know your suppliers, partners, competitors and especially your future customers by using the principle of virality of information.

Improve Your SEO

In recent years, we have talked about Social Media Optimization (SMO) or optimization for social media. Come on, a little definition. The SMO is a set of techniques that attract visitors to the contents of your website through the promotion of these through social networks. Purpose, SEO promotes traffic and natural SEO which helps improve your visibility on search engines.

Conquer new markets and build customer loyalty

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others is a good solution to diversify and increase your sources of customer acquisition. They are therefore a tool to use for your commercial prospection but also in your approach to deepen the loyalty of your existing customers.

Wide reach

A few years ago, social networks were a fashion effect. Now they are a means of communication. Today, who does not use Facebook or Twitter? Many people and companies use social networks in both personal and professional settings.

Nevertheless, depending on your target, it is necessary to choose your social networks and adapt your message. So you have to do some preparatory work to determine your personas. A large-scale communication. By communicating on social media, you will reach an audience in a wide geographical area both in France and around the world (if that is part of your objectives, of course).

Give importance to your business

Being present on social networks enhances your expertise and the credibility of your company while making it more human. Internet users will have more confidence in you because they will see the conversations about your business, customer reviews and feedback and thus believe that your business is trusted and recommended.

Create a community

Being present on social networks allows you to design a community and I would even say more to develop the engagement with the latter. You should always have in mind to retain your current “fans” but also to conquer new ones.

By publishing interesting and original content that appeal to your readers, they will want to love, comment, even share your publications. They can also contact you and talk to you. The development work of a community is long then arm yourself with patience before reaching the thousand fans.

Lower cost communication

Unlike offline media such as television, radio, press or paid search advertising on Google AdWords, social media publishing is free. After, you can also decide to advertise with Facebook Ads but this has a cost obviously. It is important to communicate regularly on social networks with powerful messages that arouse the interest of your readers.

Social media management can be time-consuming so it may be wise to recruit a community manager, to call on an external communication expert or simply to acquire skills in this field.

Manage your reputation

Another advantage of networks is that they can regulate and improve their online reputation. Internet users are increasingly giving their opinions on the products and services they use. For many businesses, having a good image on the web is an essential issue. A presence on new web technologies can help you better manage your e-reputation.

Generate traffic to your site

Sharing articles on networks will take you to your blog. In addition to these shares, creating interesting content on social networks is a source of additional traffic to your website. Now you have understood that including social networks in your digital strategy has many advantages.

Of course, it is a long task that will not bear fruit immediately, but in the medium term you will be able to easily measure its returns. And of course, you always have the possibility to be accompanied by a professional of the web.

Need Some Help with this? We at T.R. Marketing & Management Group are the marketing department to small businesses. We can help you start up awareness of  your online presence through social media management, social media optimization and digital marketing services. Contact us to set up a quick consultation.

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