About T.R.M.M.G & T.R. Founder, Ron

Originally persevering as a accomplished video producer, Ron started T.R. Marketing & Management to brand himself as a fully integrated marketing entity for companies. Through headstrong grit and a aggressive approach to achieving project goals, Ron has acquired the key experience companies aim for when pursuing development and flourishment for their brand. As a undergrad student at University of Utah, Ron changed majors to add the massive new demanded skill set of Social Media Marketing and General Online Marketing Consultation to his attributes as a quality project lead.

As head of T.R. Marketing & Management Group, Ron has spearheaded the re-design of several Social Media accounts for music artists in the Salt Lake City, UT; New Orleans, LA; and Rochester, NY markets. Through his established recommendations each entity’s traffic increased by 50%+. T.R. Marketing has lead in the renovation of remarketing projects, exposure campaigns, and creative development for restaurants, beauty salons, tattoo shops, and car dealers. Now as a independent Marketing Management company T.R.M.M  brings an authentic niche to conjuring original out-the-box ideas utilizing online platforms and infuses them with traditional methods. It is the aim of T.R.M.M to produce beneficial integrated marketing efforts in order to achieve client goals.

T.R. Marketing & Management GrouP

DBAs: T.R Web Promotions – Aiding businesses build and develop their online presences to attract more traffic to their Web pages

T.R. Live Entertainment – ADBA Gwop Ghettas Vent. – offers marketing management consultation and booking for artists in the hip hop/pop/new r&b genre for events.

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