Portfolio of Clients & Projects

See Video Reel on Services page if interested to include video on your projects..

Will Hustle da mafia EGORE KOOPACompany: iWill Hustle TV

Hired For: Campaign Co – Coordinating & Event Management of “Anytown USA” Showcase @SXSW

Company: Big Momma’s Kitchen
Services Rendered: SEO renovation, Site Optimization, Tandem Campaign Development & Management

– Online Advertising, PPC Cross Platform

– Offline, Grassroots Flyer Disbursement

Company: California Kabob Restaurant

CaliforniaKabobRestaurant_9677_Sacramento_CAServices Rendered: SEO renovation, Site Optimization Development, Profit Share Development & Management

Site: califkabobrestaurant.com

Company: Shami Restaurant

Services Rendered: SEO Renovation & Upgrade, Site Optimization, Content Creation & Distribution, Consultation

Company: Gwop Ghettas Vent.GG_Logo

Services Rendered: SEO, Online Optimization, Content Creation, Social
Media Management, Email Marketing

Site: gwopghettas.com
Social Media: facebook.com/gwopghettas

Company: diningoutbythebay.com (OOB)

Services Rendered: Video Production, Online/Terrestrial Media Advertising

Proj: Official Site Launch TV Campaign

Company: 2 Face Music Group/ Elite Street Records

Service Rendered: Social Media Management, Online PR & Promotions Management, PPC Ad Campaign via Facebook, Tour Management Support.


Hired For:

Proj: Savvy Yola’s ’17 Promo Run – “The Nuevo” Tour

Proj: Savvy Yola’s Badman ’15 – 16 Tour

Proj: The Commissions’, “The Commission” Album Launch

Proj: The Commissions’ “Made Men” Tour Launch & Promo Run
Proj: The Commissions’ “Bosses of Bosses” Album Release & Promo Run
Proj: The Commissions’ Crowdfund for “Made Men US” Tour via Indieagogo
Proj: Savvyyola’s “#whatsavvyrockin” Thread Launch & Break-Out Promo Run

Proj: Savvyyola’s 2017 Promo Run: “The Nuevo Tour”

Savvyyola.com, facebook.com/commission801

Company: Crazy N Sane Music NetworkCNSMusicNet[1]

Services Rendered: Social Media Coordinator, Online PR & Promotions Coordinating, Asst. Events Coordinator

Proj: Company & Site Launch

Company Launch Promo Tour

AiriderCompany: AirRider Vacuums

Services Rendered: Media Advertising Consultations & Relations, Video Production, PR Consultant

Proj: Production of “Intro Of the AiRider” Infomercial & Media Ad/PR Campaign

site: airiderusa.com


Company: The Local Pages

Services: Grassroots & Media Campaign Management

Also Media Production, Sales, Reporting, Management of Brand Awareness Team

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