Resume Ron Senior

Ron Senior – Antioch, CA
email: LinkedIn:
Facebook@ trmarketmanage Website: trmarketmanage dot com
Summary: Ron (dba T.R. Marketing & Mana.) looks to bring essential marketing expertise, dedication to company development efforts, and knack for creating effective campaign strategies to an enterprise that aims for growth in their marketplace. Ron’s reputation for conjuring original Out – the – Box ideas have been implemented into many company development efforts which have attributed to steady revenue increase for his clients.
Key Industry Skills & Tools:
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Use of eCommerce platforms: PayPal, ProPay, Square, Shopsite, and Shopify
SEO Development Software
Social Media Management
Using Online Advertising Platforms Using PPC Solutions: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Linkedin
Experience in HTML Web Design Tools: WordPress, Wix, and Livesite
Video Editing – Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premiere
CRM Software: Salesforce, Google Sheets
Email Distribution Platforms: Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Drip
Email Clients: Outlook

T.R. Marketing & Management Group – Founder, Acct. Manager, Project Coordinator – June ’09 – Jan. ’11 then January ’14 to Present
Company Description: Independent Contractor for Marketing Coordination, dba T.R Marketing & Mana. handles marketing, promotion, and general business/product/service development for almost every type of company.
Job Duties:

-Excel client’s online presence with creation and build out of custom campaign strategies utilizing modern marketing channels like social media, SEO, PPC Advertising, Content Marketing, web video, and/or email marketing.
– Create and develop marketing strategy for campaigns to acquire company targeted direCtly. such as new/renewed customer acquisition or grow client brand loyalty.
– Coordinated “Creative” for all Client advertising & promotional efforts; ex brochures, print and online ads, website, flyers. Oversaw Distribution of media also
– Analyze client’s prospective content (ex. keywords) to rank for usability for implementation on media channels
– Execute integrated marketing strategies on & offline which include broadcast advertising, guerrilla, grassroots, and affiliate promoting.
– Analyze/Report Cost to benefit ratio for Advertising & Promotion efforts (in other words analyzed cost per action, lead, and sale)
– Cost control for all Advertising and Promotions
– Coordinate with client directly, or via the sales department, to assure process of customer acquisition to purchase is flowing accurately,
– Other general duties include: lead generation, project management, development of CRM Process, new partner development, Event Coordinator for network type events


– Client projects have received an average of 200% increase in new customer brand awareness
– Clients have Reported receiving up to 67%+ in new revenue using strategies, dba T.R. Marketing & Management, have implemented.

Crazy N Sane Music Network – Affiliate Recruiter, Marketing Strategist, Asst. Event Coordinator – Oct. 2009 – Dec 2010
Company Description: Company recruited music artists into affiliate network. They provided tools, promotions, exposure events, and network opportunities for affiliates to expose their music to sell through the companies’ platform.
Job Duties:
– Canvassed for Artists throughout the country to recruit to a distribution and promotion deal through sister company Music Distribution Inc.
– Managed and formatted affiliated artists’ promotion efforts including flier disbursement for shows, booking venues, and coordinating launch parties.
– Coordinated presentations to relay key objectives and development plans to potential affiliates and partners.
– Prepared talking points for in-house event coordination for company.
– Recorded video footage to edit and package for promotions and presentations.
– Coordinated print and internet marketing projects.
– Developed strategic partnerships to expand CNS’s business partner network.
– Built out webinars and conference calls, as far as agenda or layout, for affiliate partnerships and artist support from the platform.
– Created strategy for SEO needs and implemented them for several company and several affiliate sites per company policy
– Coordinated social media management for several affiliate profile networks, PPC campaigns, direct marketing, and e-mail blast campaigns to promote affiliated artists and partners.
– Created authentic promo and business development strategies with CEO. Company spokesman for workshops and trade shows.

– Designed internet campaigns that Increased site hits 98% over 6 months.
– Signed first 10 artists within initial 2 months of company launch.
– Spoke on the Distribution Panel as a representative for the company at the “2010 Core Dj’s Annual

Supplemental Training
Project Management Institute Sept. 2012 – Ongoing
Earning Certified Affiliate of Project Management (CAPM) Accreditation from prestigious Project Management Institute
Hubspot Academy February 2015 – May 2015
Earned Inbound Certification for Inbound Marketing Methodology 

University of Utah Sept. 2002 – May 2003
emphasis in Electronic Journalism, Minor: Marketing/Advertising Management **earned degree