Services Offered

T.R provides planning, research, and management services of projects that target to expand business and product recognition.  The several types of promotion/development projects are all tools enterprises use to progress in this highly competitive marketplace. When you decide to engage in these ventures you want a reliable, detail oriented entity to keep your ventures within scope, on budget, and efficiently analyzed in terms of the benefits they strive to accomplish.

Marketing Management Support:

– Integrated Campaign Development

– Creative Design & Development

– Customer Relation Management

– Promo Analysis

– Media Development & Integration

Video Production:

– Taping of all footage of event/venture

– Editing raw footage into a comprehensive package (ie Commercial, Demo Reel, Web Video)

– Story boarding and Location scouting for sequenced productions

– Live Event or “Performance” Style Shooting

– Field Shooting for extra “B-roll” to keep

See Video Demo Reel HERE

Event Coordination:

– Research and Plan your event to the structure targeted for project goals

– Manage all pre-set up; such as line up entice vendors, procure staff, location scouting

– Execute and Direct event activity

–  Monitor and Report Event progression along with staying on guidelines

– Keep control of all aspects of risk, scope change, cost, and all aspects of event roll

Demonstrations Opportunities/Field Marketing Campaigns:

– Research and Analytics Reporting of opportunities that your product/business can be placed in. (Ex. Festivals, Leisure)

– Proposal builder of vendor bids

– Creative direction of customized field marketing campaigns

– Staffing procurement of demonstration crew or brand ambassadors

– Management of demonstration and adherence

– Risk Analysis of Opportunity along with Cost to Benefit Analysis

SEO/Social Media Optimizing & Traffic Management

– Consult analysis of your web page to diagnose search placement

– Use analytics to configure a strong keyword penetration to improve search placement on web

– Create and Execute effective Pay-Per-Click campaigns for increased traffic to your site

– Strategy of marketing direction and initiatives to increase market share and online brand presence

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